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Originally Posted by Jgilbert View Post
I have a full size mattress I can rob from the guest bedroom..I am sure it will look totally ghetto in here, but if it improves the sound who cares.

SHould I just lean it againt a wall, or lean it in front of the windows, or... any suggestions. this room is about 12X15 I think...with a lowered ceiling on both long walls (upstairs over garage room) giving the ceiling the barn-like shape.

Is there a general rule on how to handle windows? I have a double window in the room...
Well the mattress was just an example, of things to use.
What i meant was, that you should listen to the room, find out of itīs weakness. Some room are boomy, some have this hard sound when you clap your hands, some have a very long decay, but it could be a nice sounding one.
And then decide if the room sound is far off of what you wanīt for your recording. And as suggested, a sofa is a nice sounding furniture, to soften up things a bit.
The link suggested before is really cool. And what i meant was more or less, that you need to find out what you like for different purposes, and only the ears can tell, so they need to experiment and listen. I really like listening to rooms, and think of what a certain room would be cool for. All rooms has a vibe.
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