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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
Like "o" as in "toeoeoeowe".

But there again all you guys over there in the colonies have funny accents. You even TYPE funny! (grinny grin grin)

Yvain deLava
la Corse, France

P.S. Just watched the sampler video and they are right! my eyeballs are where my ears are normally! Talk about high speed delivery! You could have done them at normal human being speed, had it come out to ohhh.. about 5.5 hours and charged us more!
Yes, it is even more of a bargain with his fast and high speed delivery of information especially if English is your first language because he packs a lot into each of his tutorial videos. Just watch the vids several times while pausing and replay to catch what he is saying if it is flying past you. Have Reaper open and practice what he preaches while watching.

Not only am I learning a bunch of stuff I had no clue was hidden inside Reaper but I am even picking up on his Lawn Guyland accent. It might help me out when I visit back East sometime when ordering food or something. You know like getting a bigger piece of pie because the staff thinks you are from the neighborhood. Heck, one can learn Reaper, English, a new dialect and an accent all at the same time. ;-)
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