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Originally Posted by Wizman View Post

I've been a fan of all your Pro Tools vidz. How do you hear the Reaper sound engine and it's Rea-native plugins in comparison with what you use in PT??
do you feel the 64-bit engine in Reaper is a superior sound engine than that of an HD system??
Again, to your ears...
Thank you.

I think all of the plugins hold up nicely to what I have going in Pro Tools.

I still prefer to mix in Pro Tools and I am more comfortable with plugins that I've used for years now. But that may change.

I think the sound engine sounds great but I'm not using the 64 bit version. I'm still on a PPC mac.

Originally Posted by lxm View Post
just wanted to thank you for the videos kenny. SUPER helpful. any plans for more advanced videos?
Yes. Definitely.
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