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Originally Posted by Ozman View Post
Actually, now to think of it...
Maybe a whole interface, synced to the arrangement is a bit redundant.

I think just having a way to define a region, selection, or whatever to globally (all tracks <maybe minus some targeted/flagged tracks>) be saved as a "Version" would be great, b/c there are other scripts that are around and even being developed for block/pattern/session - type workflows. However, none do what this does (either removes or hides the items from the arrangement).

If this hiding/buffering or whatever can be used for track versions, it can definitely be used for a more hierarchical take/block/pattern system.
sorry for very late reply,been hunting fixing bugs and that adventure is almost over,will upload new version very soon (day or two) just need to add one more multiedit behavior (adding/removing individual tracks to multiedit table).Can you explain/show what behavior you want (gif,scripts etc)?
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