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Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
So if I understood right, I can have ultraschall_api.lua in the UserPlugins-folder if I upload it as extension, while as script-upload, it must be in a subfolder, right?
That's right. The type determines the root installation directory. You can choose the type of a package and optionally override it per-file (so, if you want it to be displayed as such, you could make a "Script" package install some "extension" files in UserPlugins).

Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
Another question, how do you add JSFX-plugins into a running Reaper? Does Reaper need to be restarted for them to be added?
Only extension plugins require a restart. REAPER detects newly added JSFX automatically.

Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
And a final question: what kinds of things can't be added using ReaPack-packagemanager? If I wanted to install the contents of a ReaperConfigZip-file from a repo using ReaPack rather than having to use ReaperConfigZip-file, what could I install and what would be missing?
e.g. could I add ini-files as well, that are stored in the RessourcesFolder?
ReaPack packages can currently write files into the AutomationItems, ColorThemes, Data, Effects, LangPack, MIDINoteNames, ProjectTemplates, reaper_www_root, Scripts, TrackTemplates and UserPlugins directories. Writing directly to the resource directory is not allowed (unsafe, especially considering many users choose to install everything).

I'm not sure how well externally overwriting an .ini while REAPER is running would work as some settings are kept in memory...

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