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So when in doubt, I should do a quick check for a versionstring using ReaPack_CompareVersions to be safe. Good to know

Another thing, is there a way to run the synchronize-procedure(including a possible auto-install) programmatically or is it only useable by the user, clicking the synchronize-button/menuentry?

And a little Feature-Request:
Would it be possible to add a way to automatically run a script after installing an extension?
For example, Lokasenna's Gui-Lib needs a script to be run before I can use his Gui-Lib, to store some of the paths needed by his Gui-Lib. I think, it would be better, if this could be done automatically by automatically running such a script, to make it more user-friendly.
I think a simple, register this startup-script, run it once and unregister it again would be the easiest way to do it.

For myself, I need it to automatically register some of my scripts into the reaper-kb.ini. I want to add it using proper ActionCommandIDs and description-texts, which can't be done in any other way than putting it into the ini-file and after that restarting Reaper. This would be in-line with the need of restarting Reaper after installing an extension.
This could also solve my problem I described in some posts above, where I wanted to replace the ini-files in the ressources-folder, which could be done by me then automatically, before restarting Reaper.

The other option, using __startup.lua in the Scripts-folder isn't an option, as I can't know, if a user has such a script already which would be overwritten by me that way...
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