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I'm rather sure that not out of the box.

JSFXes can't access the Reaper API (as same needs to be accessed in the realm of the main thread while JSFXes run in the realm of the track's thread), nor can they access the OS API (for similar reasons).

Possible ways could be:
- use gmem and a support Reascript. But using OSC via the Reaper API also is very limited.
- send / receiver Midi message out / from outside of Reaper and use OSCIIBot (e.g. via Loopmidi) (I in fact do use this in a bidirectional way to remote-control a rack mixer from a Control Surface attached to Reaper via Midi.)
- somebody creates a supporting Reaper extension. (Maybe looking at "CSI" might help.)
- a VST using the OS network API (in a second thread).


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