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If you mean me, I would like to attempt a Soundboard for podcasts. Our Ultraschall project has already one but lacks in many parts and the developer of it doesn't have enough time to keep it going.
This Soundboard is a vst with osc capability. So replacing it with a Jsfx should not get rid of the Osc-management as this is used by many users of it.

Using ReaScript and gmem isn't an option as this is too limited. For instance, I can send OSC-messages only to Reaper itself but not outside of it.
And listening to osc isn't possible at all.
And Jsfx unfortunately doesn't have extension support so adding it that way isn't that easy, if at all possible.

I would like to avoid hacky solutions that may be possible somehow as the more hacky it is, the more bug potential it has. Hence I hoped, Jsfx can listen to and send OSC.

I think I'll request that then.

Thanks for the answers
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