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Originally Posted by Meo-Ada Mespotine View Post
I think it would be a real useful solution to have osc support in jsfx
I doubt that that ever will happen, as this would need to introduce another OS thread in the JSFX environment to allow for OS API calls independent of the track's thread.

OTOH, JSFX already has GUI access, and same in fact uses the OS thread that could be usable for network operations.

Originally Posted by Meo-Ada Mespotine View Post
I would like to attempt a Soundboard for podcasts. Our Ultraschall project has already one but lacks in many parts and the developer of it doesn't have enough time to keep it going.
This Soundboard is a vst with osc capability.
What exactly is a "Soundboard" ?

Did you create it ? Does it work ?

Of course in a VST you can do multithreading, and supposedly easily make use of the GUI thread and/or introduce yet another OS thread.
AFAIK, OSCIIBot is open source, and hence it should even be possible to do an "OSCIIBot" VST. Same easily could be communicate via Midi with JSFXes and speak OSC with the outside world.

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