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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
Good idea, and that's how I currently use my controller, but how is this different from natively learning parameters and using the "Enable only when effect configuration focused" option? Does this script need to be running always for the assignments to work?
I've never used that option (never spotted it ) - but I'm assuming because the script can pass feedback to the controller (at the moment - depends on controller type I think - but can be expanded to work more widely) - the controller if it has the ability can monitor the values of the parameters (if it has encoders etc).

There's also potential to expand this to populate scribble strips on the controller (although not implemented yet) based on parameter. This would probably need controller dependent implementation though.

Also - I think this is probably more immediate than using the built in learn option (but guessing as never used it like this).

But yes - script needs to run all the time to work.
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