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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
Hmm well this is a bit of a tangent, but maybe it's something you've come across working on this...can you conceive of a way to force plugins to float momentarily while you're tweaking the parameter? The other native option when learning parameters is that the assignments are only active when the host track is selected, which works great for EQ (EQ controls always work on the selected track, without needing to focus/float them first), but in such a case it would still be great to get the instant visual feedback while turning knobs.

Also, the native learned parameters can be stored as default for past and future instances of the same plugin. It stores this based on the plugin name in the fx browser, so it breaks if you rename the plugin. How is yours storing the assignments? If it was based on dll name, which is less likely to change, that could improve on the current system.
It would be easy to pop up the fx GUI whilst tweaking - but might be more taxing to get it to close when stopped tweaking - as it would need to know when you stopped tweaking and not just paused... maybe a timer or something. I'd be worried about plugins that take time to open/close 'cos they might pause the script - would need to test. Maybe needs to be plugin dependent option.

At the moment - fx seem to be identified by plugin name in fx browser - but the name is obtained from the chunk - so might be possible to change this as an option. (I say seem - I wrote this nearly a year ago - so refreshing my memory on it still).

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