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Originally Posted by foxAsteria View Post
Yea, using Novation Automap here as well. CC APOT on the controller , increment/decrement in Automap, assigned as rel1 or sometimes rel3 in Reaper works well. It's a lot of combinations for error, which still confuses me sometimes as well, but at this point I finally have it all set and forget.
aha - well I've never had any luck and tried several times - and never seen CC APOT option (I generally use an Impulse keyboard, but do have an old SL remote mkI with a dodgy screen). I'll have to look again... Is this in midi mode - or Automap mode?

Anyway - how I set up the Impulse to with this script - Place LBX Faderbox inside ReaJS. Automap enable ReaJS, and then set up the F1-F32 faders in automap.

This works nicely. Of course you can easily change the sensitivity within automap of the encoders - but it would be nicer to change sensitivity in the script - I know...

I want to be able to populate the Scribble strips on the Remote SL (when the screen works - which is half the time). As far as I know it's just sending SYSX - and I have a way in my head how to get the faderbox to send the SYSX data - but it's all theory so far.
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