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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post
Is this in midi mode - or Automap mode?
Well the Novation is always outputting MIDI, and Automap simply takes that MIDI and maps it to different MIDI configurations, if you want to switch between multiple setups on the fly. I like that because I have all the controls labeled differently whether I'm controlling amp sims, synths, EQ, or just Reaper.

It's funny because I was sold on all that auto-plugin crap when I first saw it, but it's not the simple affair they say it is and leaves a lot to be desired. After years of having this thing and regarding it a waste of money, I finally took the time to set it up manually and now I love it and use it constantly.

In any case, APOT is a "display type" for CC on my Novation (always displays 0 when turned). It's also the only way that inc/dec mode works correctly in Automap.

So how do I change the sensitivity of each control in Automap? I thought there was only the global "encoder acceleration" setting.
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