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Includes option (under new SETTINGS button) to float a focused fx window if it is closed when you adjust any parameter of the plugin. A auto floated window will close after a specified number of seconds. If the plugin window was already open when adjustments were made - then it will remain open.

You need to hit SAVE to save the setting in the plugins template file.

Note - any recorded automation will also cause the plugin to float - so you'd need to focus a different unautomated plugin to prevent this currently.


The REC button. This arms the faderbox faders for recording automation. When you have finished recording - if it went badly - you can click the REC button again to forget the written automation, or you can choose to copy all the recorded automation (that falls within the current time selection) from the faderbox lanes to the plugin's envelope lanes by hitting the SAVE button.

So it provides a pretty neat way of transferring recorded automation to the target envelopes.
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