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Originally Posted by nuno_m_pires View Post
any chance of code faderbox to use 64 sliders?
I know we can only use 64 sliders in js but maybe we do not need the options like:
- feedback (always on, of course)
- CC no's (direct numbers of sliders)
- midi ch (any) we can change later in the track sending output
- note on monitor and latch time (maybe not too)
and use all available sliders to control plugins like Metric Halo ChannelStrip that uses exactly 64 controllers. With the BCR2000 we can do this and much much more, in a single preset.
Can you do something for that?
thank you ... and again ... "you are the man"
Thank you!

I'll look into providing another faderbox with 64 sliders. Some of the extra sliders on the 32 version are actually for the Stripper script - so not needed for the Smart Knobs script.


Alternatively - I could just code it like how Stripper works - and that is allow more than one instance of Faderbox32 - thus putting 4 on the track gives you 128 faders if you wanted...?
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