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Originally Posted by markyboard View Post
Just got one of these (latest firmware) and just about everything seems to be working with no problems (V5.961 w/Win 10 64B).

The Zoom Buttons don't work however. I assume these were intended to work with the scroll wheel but I get no response from Reaper as cited by others. I attempted to re-map those buttons to send out CCs by switching the ICON from MCP mode to User Defined. I was able to remap using the ICON iMAP software and confirmed with MidiOx. However I still get no response from Reaper.

In Reaper Preferences, Control Surface Setup is set to Mackie Control with the Platform M+ selected for Midi Input and Output. But I get no response to pushing the ICON zoom buttons when configuring Reaper Actions. Admittedly I don't understand the MCU protocol but assume this is all normal. I then attempted to set up a track with the Platform+ as the track midi input, but it does not appear in the midi input list. It does show up in preferences Midi Devices "Midi Inputs to make Available" list and I have enabled the input and Control. But again it does not show up in the track inputs WHILE ALSO selected as the Control Surface Mackie Control Input.

Is this intentional?
Take a look at DrivenByMoss 4 Reaper. This gives you better MCU support (especially for icon controllers):
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