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Originally Posted by jiff 41 View Post
Thank you very much for posting this!

I use a 1616m & when W10 was free I thought it must be better but I found things went quickly downhill?,,,,, I tried loads of things but realized the best option was to stick to W7 so back I rolled!

I shall try this combo see how it performs on my machine?

Again many thanks,,,,,,,, I love my E-MU

PS; Is there an order they should be installed?
You complete me Jiff! :-) The Emu is PACKED with features nearly all others lack! I use the EQ and compressors when just listening to most anything on the internet, and most others do not have this ability. The driver (PcDrv.exe) must be installed first. Only then can the Patchmix (PcAPP.exe) find its way :-) By the way, I'm not sure if this applies to the 1616m, but if yours is one of the later models, then you are sitting pretty! Because the 1616m has the latest of everything since it ran in production after the 1820m was being phased out. On my page ( I give a link to the arguably latest drivers for the 1616m. I say arguably because sometimes they hide the beta stuff or even withdraw it, as in the case of the 1820m, at least from my eyes. You should have ZERO PROBLEMS with your 1616m and Windows 7. I could never go to windows 10 voluntarily because of the telemetrics invasion. ;-) The cosmos seems to hate privacy. HAPPY RECORDING in WALES Jiff :-)

Are there lots of nice modern techy shops in Wales selling the latest and greatest Daw stuff? Wales has always seemed rich in history and aristocracy but on a turned back clock in ways?
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