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Originally Posted by Gelic View Post
In another thread Nana recommends an Emu 1820m driver combo that caused me big trouble!
EmuPMX_PCApp_L6_2_10_00.exe +
I beg to differ.
What you want is this combo!
EmuPMX_PCApp_US_2_20_00.exe + (Notice the 2-20!)

I've run my driver/patchmix combo now for years on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate and it also runs perfectly on Windows 10 x64 Pro for about a year now. Even the recent update to 1803 didn't cause any problems. All under almost constant heavy load in my studio.

The issue it has (and btw. that's more a feature than a bug) is it's lack of samplerate conversion from MS-Soundmapper/DirectSound and the patchmix.
On the Windows side the samplerate needs to match the samplerate of the card. If both are not equal, there will be no sound and windwoes will throw an error, because the driver reports not being available at Win's samplerate. For multimedia use, it works fine to set Windows to 44k1 at 24 bit and the hardware samplerate to 44k1, either by internal or studio clock. Media players and Firefox can handle this with internal samplerate conversion. This includes DirectSound and MMX.

ASIO is natively completely unaffected by this.

With the patchmix 2.20 there are several issues which cause audio quality being degraded remarkably by routing all playback and recording channels through sample rate conversion, worst of all, this is done even at matching rates! Interpolation/resampling adds aliasing artifacts and can add channel phase correlation error.

Now the tradeoff:
Having nice clean professional audio at the cost of changing two sample rate settings: one in patchmix (or the studio clock), one in the Windows audio settings (Plus: any word clock/sample rate mismatches are instantly thrown up)
-- or --
having a comfortable multimedia soundcard with average quality due to constant resampling and interpolation.

And the other thing is stability. 2.20 just licks off under heavy load. Guess why.

So after all:
Both setups have their right to exist. One for studio use, one for a multimedia/gaming/internet computer.

The standard download from creative "EmuPMX_PCApp_US_2_20_00.exe" with the filesize of 9,46 MB (9.926.344 Bytes) is not complete, because needed elements from manual are missing. Where did get his files from?

Download EmuPMX_PCApp_US_2_20_00.exe here:
Download EmuPMX_PCApp_L6_2_10_00.exe here:
Download EmuPMX_PCDrv_US_2_30_00_BETA.exe here:

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