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Originally Posted by Nana View Post
btw: What is that ongoing troll legend of 1820m's capacitors failing without any reason?

Seriously, the original high quality capacitors should be decades away from death by age.

If the power stabilisation caps blow or leak, this origins from a foul pc power supply constantly screaming or spiking on the power rails!
Or maybe a lightning strike or similar unusual event.
Or maybe constant overheating due to obstruction (rack mount)?

As I dig through the internet, I find always the same people spinning the same prayer wheel again and again.
How many 1820 are out there? How many have failed?

I use my 1820ms with phantom powered mics, MIDI, full connections and up the maximum workload now for many years and they are still as good as new. I just make sure they get enough air convection to stay cool and have high-quality power supplies (good old Enermax, passively cooled) with current supplies matching the systems' requirements.
Mine failed. It was the caps. Same thing with my delta 1010.
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