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Originally Posted by BaronStinky View Post
I recently bought an Antelope Orion Studio. Incredible I/O, sounds great. It has a bunch of FPGA plugins that emulate old hardware, but I haven't even tried em as I have too many plugins already. Honestly, it's incredible how much they packed into this thing.

But. The fnarking stability/drivers. I am a professional, small-ass-time engineer. My budget is razor thin, I do location recording in bars and weird places, and I have zero time for funny businesses. Been on the horn with tech support too many times, and they have a windows 10 style "let's push firmware updates constantly and automatically" ethos.

Still having sync issues with my non-mobile daw. Ableton hates it. Reaper... deals better.

Will be selling. It sounds amazing, but really this is an expensive hobbyist's toy, not a pro piece of kit. Will be either going back to Motu or trying out RME. I've owned 5 interfaces in the last 10 years, and never had hassles like this before - except with an Orion32. Heh. Didn't learn my lesson.
I have read about problems on Gearslutz. Luckily my Zen Studio+ hasn't had a hitch (touch wood).

Maybe it's more stable on Mac...

Before you sell it you should try the FPGA effects. They weren't a selling point for me, and I didn't expect to like them, but damn, they sound really good. Some of the best top-end EQ I've ever heard from code. Pain in the arse to have to record the channel output to print it, but I believe a VST wrapper kind of thing is in the works at Antelope.
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