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Default 8 bit robotic, this time trying to be 'mainstream'

My local government has a competition for a song celebrating the city.
I'm definitely not going to win but I joined for the sake of trying to write, record and mix within a 2 week deadline.

To brainwash the jury I used some evil taboo production techniques such as:
- the 4 chord sequence that is used in every hit (C G A F)
- too many choruses with a simple melody
- cheesy back vocals
- song ending with a fade out
- hand clapping
- and not one, but two shifts of the chorus on a higher pitch! (this one should really be forbidden )

I really welcome opinions on the mixing, it's the first time I spend so much effort on it. There's 2 versions with the only difference being one version where I compressed like crazy. I cannot decide if the super compressed version sounds better or worse so I'm also curious to know what you guys think..
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