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I've had this Behringer X1204USB mixer around for a while, which has a 2 chan USB I/O on board. I used to use it as a cheap FX box alongside my real mixer for live work, and it worked OK for that. I'd never plugged it in to the PC till last night.

Wow, what a POS!! It runs through Win drivers (WASABI or whatever), but the performance is really bad. It is 16 bit only, at 44.1 or 48K. The noise floor on the input side is -43 dBFS with all the signal removed and faders down.

Yikes!! I'd be better off with a Soundblaster...

I was trying it out to see if a friend could use it; his TASCAM rackmount interface went belly up and I thought he might be able to do a little work with this thing instead. But sometimes it's better not to even start a job if all you have are crap tools.

This isn't my main interface (I have a Presonus Audiobox 1820 for that, with an ADA8200 added via TOSLINK for 8 more channels).
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