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Originally Posted by karbomusic View Post
It's in the name, it's a "gain" control as in "to add to", if you add zero gain, you are left with the original signal - many don't even go as low as zero due to how they amplify (see non-inverting opamp amplifier) - they don't attenuate. Additional circuitry could be potentially added so that it does attenuate but that isn't it's job, it involves more circuitry and any caveats that come with doing so. Attenuation for hot signals is usually dealt with using a static reduction called a pad control.
karbomusic: Thanks for clearing this up..I always understood this but it makes no sense to me. And just to be clear...I am not picking on the quality of the Focusrite Scarett Solo. It is an excellent audio interface. The older Edirol Ua-25 that was used also did the same thing...the only difference was that the initial gain wasnt as high. Just responding to the thread title and I dont hate the audio interface. Other than the 2 points that were brought up, this is an excellent little audio interface.

UPDATE: found out how to fix a lot of audio issues in Win10:
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