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Default "Invisible" plugins? (solved!)

I've been moving a few Cubase project over to REAPER to play around a bit, and when I was hooking up the channels to the correct VSTi's I realised that some stuff does not show up in REAPER. So far it's the Velonotes2cc midi plugin and the Crazy Diamonds synth. The latter being kind of weird as someone here on the forum reported that it should work. It might be more stuff missing too, I have a ton of plugs so I can't really tell at a glance if something's not there. So... why does this happen? Does REAPER somehow filter out certain plugins it doesn't like/can't access properly? That midi plugin is really no big deal but CD happens to be one of my fave synths for retro pads, so I would really like to get it running

And oh, just to clarify: at first I just pointed REAPER to Cubase's Vstplugins dir, but I soon got sick of dismissing "This plugin only works in Cubase" error messages and copied everything to REAPER's own plugins folder and deleted the Steinberg stuff from it. So I get no errors anymore, and the dll files in question *are* there. REAPER just doesn't see them.

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere already, but my searches didn't turn up anything useful.
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