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Seemingly English derived from Russian is than much different from English derived from German, that we are not able to communicate (I did have this impression already before). So maybe a native English speake might chime in and translate.

Anyway I'll give it another try:

>> midisend_str(midi_out, lcdRequest); // data request
>> printf("LCD: %s\n",hex2str(oscstr)); // should print the same as midi-ox does

This will not work.

After sending OSCII-Bot will not wait for a reply, and hence oscstr is evaluate before any data is attached to it.

You should go (untested):

in @midimsg, @timer or @oscmsg :

midisend_str(midi_out, lcdRequest); // data request

in @midimsg:

(msg1 & $xF0) == $xF0 ? ( // this is a SysEx
test_if_an_LCD_message_is_expected ? (
printf("LCD: %s\n",hex2str(oscstr)); // should print the same as midi-ox does


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