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Hi, I'm a brummie (sighs of boredom) I now live in Luton.

I jumped on the digital "bandwagon" in 1997/8 with ejay. I've graduated up to reaper via cubase SL, cubasis, Massiva, data becker (still the most efficient audio recording app(until reaper)I also use Making Waves to sketch MIDI ideas out.

I play guitar, acoustic, electric and bass and am learning the mandolin (love it!) I play a little keyboard and thank the Lord for MIDI editing.

I use ez drummer but it crashes reaper on my set up - so I use it inside eXT - long-winded but works.

I'm a (mental) health worker, getting older so I've cut my working hours down to have abit of quality of life. I gig occasionally, I play in our church band - now me, a pianist and a sax player.

My wife comes from Cosby (Leics). Her folks still live there.

Regards, Roger
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