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Originally Posted by michaelwayneharwood View Post
What I would do if I were you is to get your development environment configured properly so that you are able to build the examples provided in the framework on both Windows and OSX first, and focus on building a single target (e.g. app, vst2, etc.) on both. This will help to work out the kinks and make life much easier for you as you learn the framework. In my opinion the example plugins are the place to start to learn how things work.

There are tutorials on the internet that will help in the "hold my hand" category such as Martin Finke's Making Audio Plugins, and searching this forum for specific questions or issues often will provide information to guide you in the right direction even if your specific query is not directly addressed. Oli Larken posted a short explanation of Common Pitfalls for WDL-OL as well.

Be aware that there are some features that are fully fleshed out for one plugin type that may not have the same features enabled in another. As an example MIDI support varies across the targets, and the native message box and file dialogs have some quirks that can be frustrating when cross compiling.

One thing to note - when posting here you are going to get the most benefit if you ask very specific questions and post enough of your code to provide context. The framework is laid out fairly logically, and a little digging into the classes and examples in combination with some experimentation will often times yield insight and answers quicker than posting a question.
Thanks dude thats really good to know.
This is all helping me a lot. I really want to use WDL because of the cockos philosophy and i trust them to not be bloat piggies.

Too many frameworks these days are all about the oink & not enough about the quack.
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