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Originally Posted by olilarkin View Post
Hi all,

I'm thinking of consolidating various cool stuff from other people's branches of Iplug, and things that I have developed separately that I haven't released yet, into the next version of WDL-OL (although it might be called something different since the scale of changes may break backwards compatibility).
I think that more logical name would be IPlug since WDL is much more than building plugins.

The duplication script in WDL-OL is a fairly neat and convenient way of quickly starting a project, and if you know what you're doing updating isn't so bad. I like the fact that beginners have ready-made projects and layout as part of the download, but having a project generator would be great, and would mean that people can use different IDEs. I've never really been into CMake, but It seems to be more more widely used these days, and particularly powerful with continuous integration.
I hate these scripts. While your clone script works great I couldn't make other mac scripts work...
I have not used CMake but I am not sure if we need it. We could make app that will generate projects with WDL and then we can constantly update and improve it since we know WDL. This shouldn't be that hard, maybe couple days of work. (how hard can it be )

How do people feel about moving over to CMake? Perhaps I should leave the existing examples folder and duplicate script as an option. Cmake seems a bit daunting for beginners, and I think one of the main appeals of WDL-OL/IPlug Is that plug-in implementation is pretty simple, and IDE Projects are set up well, unlike for example the VST SDK, which often has very outdated examples.
Indeed, if you want IPlug to compete with JUCE only benefit we can bring to the table if simplicity since JUCE is beating IPlug hard when it comes to features.
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