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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
It's likely that the newly created separation of tempo and timesig markers created this change. SWS expects only combined tempo/timesig markers. Perhaps API also changed to reflect this, and the effect is that some SWS actions will be impacted.

So, this needs to be fixed on SWS side, likely. But, who's gonna do it, when Breeder is not around?
There appears to be a bug in the API:

In pre16, GetTempoTimeSigMarker returns timesig_denom = -1 and timesig_num = -1 for a tempo change, instead of 0 and 0.

(If -1 and -1 is then used in a subsequent SetTempoTimeSigMarker, a timesig marker is created, leading to the bugs seen in Breeder's freehand drawing tool.)

EDIT: It would be nice if REAPER's own left-drag "Freehand draw envelope" mouse modifier actions could be made to work in the tempo envelope too.

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