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Originally Posted by MixMonkey View Post
I'm understanding it like pages in a book, although your cartoon analogy could suggest that parts of the page are persistent, wheras other parts change. Like a cartoon having a fixed background layer, with characters changing in the foreground.

In CSI speak, could this mean a particular cluster in one zone (that is bankable) sitting alongside others that follow channel selection. For example, on the Mackie C4, rotaries A1-A8 could be sends on channels 1-8 (bankable to 9-16, 17-24 etc) and rotaries B1-D8 be assigned to FX mapping on the selected channel.

Not sure how far away from the usability sweet spot this would take us. Personally I could live with FX on the C4 and channel stuff like sends on the MCU.
Yeah, it's kinda both.

Thanks to you and @Freex, maybe a bit of terminology tuneup is warranted.

Let's call a given current configuration a Page.

A Page is composed of Layers.

There are Layers of a Page that move a lot (e.g. the bank Track GUIDs, aka current Channel Layout) and Layers that are relatively stable - like say, the midi message to Widget mapping stated in the .rst file.

So the current Page is the collection of Layers currently active.

As far as the usability sweet spot, hopefully this will have little effect externally, it's more about compact and orthogonal internal representation in the model, which leads to tighter, smaller, more flexible, less error prone code.
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