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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
What do you mean by "a template". I of course do know what the controller sends in Native mode. So if you mean a template filr for your softwaere, I suppose I will need to do it from scratch.

Theoretically e could double the count of control elements by the layer switches,but unfortunately the XTouch does not send anything when switching layers, nor does it accept input for one layer while the other is active. Really annoying !

Just map out the controls, as you already did in mackie mode, for it in native mode.
Do it for both layers, if they are different, you should be able to use both, using the "layer button" on your x-control.

The it's just a case of typing them all out in the correct formate, as you will see if you open any of the .rst files within the CSI folder.
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