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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
We can detect the layer as soon as any control is touched, as it is set to send different messages with any layer.

But I am not sure that this helps for CSI.

With my current "Stage" Setup, I use one layer to remote-control the multiple sound-patches I use for Live playing, while the other layer is used to remote-control a Rack mixer (The JSFXes sent/receive the Midi messages via LoopMidi to OSCII-Bot and same accesses the Mixer via WLAN). This works fine, as there are not other sources that behind the scenes modify any of the parameters. For starting up I have d a dedicated button on Layer 2 that fetches the current setting from the mixer.

Form what i understand, if each layer sends unique messages, that are not duplicated in the other layer somewhere, then there would be not cross talk, and you could consider them as two controllers in one.
So you could have one layer set to channels, (faders pan) and the other one set to FX.
Or you could run both as channels, where layer 1 in channels 1-8 and layer 2 is 9-16 or however many strips there are per layer. Although this would be a pain in terms of workflow. But just an example of use.
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