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Originally Posted by mschnell View Post
We can detect the layer as soon as any control is touched, as it is set to send different messages with any layer.

But I am not sure that this helps for CSI.

With my current "Stage" Setup, I use one layer to remote-control the multiple sound-patches I use for Live playing, while the other layer is used to remote-control a Rack mixer (The JSFXes sent/receive the Midi messages via LoopMidi to OSCII-Bot and same accesses the Mixer via WLAN). This works fine, as there are not other sources that behind the scenes modify any of the parameters. For starting up I have d a dedicated button on Layer 2 that fetches the current setting from the mixer.

Go ahead and map both layers, we have a way to make it work, even without a message from the XTouch to tell us the layers have switched.

There would be a bit of latency, perhaps a second or so, but I think that would be acceptable.
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