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MusoBob, I was curious about Rapid Composer when I saw you mention it. I spent my day downloading the demo version and reading the User Manual and watching a bunch of the training videos.

I installed it a an hour ago and found I had to change some settings and manually set up my audio interface and other things which was no big deal. Then I update the path to where I have some VSTiís and rescanned and it crashed. I tried scanning another folder where I have some VSTiís and it crashed again. I eventually got it to recognize Twist 2 and Hybrid. I was also able to load up some of the sound fonts and played around a little.

Then I opened Reaper and created a new project and added it to a track. I loaded up one of the templates and was able to drag and drop the MIDI to Reaper but there was no audio. Then it crashed and also caused Reaper to crash. I did not have a very good first impression of Rapid Composer.

From what I can tell Rapid Composer does not recognize VST3 plugins and seems to be geared towards sound fonts which to me have terrible sound quality. I did not find anything that said it is compatible with VST3 like HALion Sonic 3. The user manual and training videos gave me the impression that I should be able to use any DAW with this and any VST.

Granted, I am using the demo version 3.52, so Iím not sure if that is part of the problem. Do you know if the LE and Full version are more stable? Do you have the LE or Full version? Are they working for you?
Do you know if it is supposed to be compatible with VST3 plugins like HALion Sonic 3 or SE?
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