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Default I have been using the write and read buttons on the FP

This has been sufficient for me to switch between writing and not writing automation.
The shift function in this config seems to be mostly useless. I leave the FP "Pan" button activated all the time.
I did notice on a remix that I was doing the other day, that when I worked on tracks that had prior automation, I needed to open the Reaper automation page from the track panel and re-check "volume" and "arm" before I could modify the volume lane.

In short, its far easier to create new automation than modify existing.
At this point, I'm using the FP for transport, write/read of automation, and thats about it. I also use a few keyboard shortcuts to show/hide auto lanes, etc.

Overall the combo works pretty well, but being able to move the short cuts to assignable FP buttons, and tighter integration for track switching would be wonderful. It would all be on one device.

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