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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post
I used to run Ambience bridged (and also I always embedded UIs of every 32-bit plugin) and never had an issue with its UI displaying incorrectly (or any other bridged 32-bit plugin that I had used), on either of my Win 7 computers (different GPUs but both were Intel). I also tend to copy/move plugins a fair bit (the way you described), so I'd have noticed.

However in a previous version of Dragonfly, it seemed the spectrogram view initially showed up with a white block in the first 1/4 (left side) of that window. It displayed correctly as soon as I hit play though. And it doesn't do that anymore.
I know, Ambience was fine embedded for years, but maybe a couple of months ago I noticed this. Just checked again..yep...and then the GUI comes back properly just by closing/opening the FX window, or by grabbing the blue windows bar at the top and moving it slightly.
And same here, have previously had no problems embedding 32 bit plugs.

Re Dragon fly, my white blocks are where all the text should be but not on the actual spectrogram, and this happens consistently.
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