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Default No real progress on this issue

Hey all,

I spent quite a bit of time this weekend, trying to get the XT version of the Faderport to work with my FP2. Still no dice.
I tried so many different combos and overwrites of the .dll and .ini files, that I finally blew up my version (4.78) and had to reinstall fresh.

So, as it sits now, the FP2 has transport control, some write-read automation ability,
but no programmable features/buttons of any kind. I guess at this point, the only advantage to buying the FP2 is that the fader is much quieter and smoother than the original (classic) version.

If you have the classic, it sounds like the XT program developed here is the way to go.
As for me , I'm OK with the limited FP2 features and supplementing with keyboard shortcuts.

If a few more people upgrade to the FP2 (not sure why, but?) and want to write some code I'll be happy to be a guinea pig and test mods for you. I have an old laptop with Reaper 4.78 on it and I don't mind blowing it up.

Maybe enough interest will crop up and we can get this new device (more fully) integrated.

Best all,

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