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Let me know what's not working.
Let me know want needs adding or fixing in the menu gui


beta 35

ReaTrak Compact Menu added
ReaTrak menu gui.lua

Fixed Chord Root, Create Text Chord Track
and other errors
in ReaTrak gui.lau
Fixed missing Custom Actions
in ReaTrak Custom Actions Required (Main).ReaperKeyMap

ReaTrak chords from midi item.lua
Updated Button:
ReaTrak color icons toolbar 16.ReaperMenu
ReaTrak color icons toolbar 14 medium.ReaperMenu
ReaTrak color icons toolbar 15 small.ReaperMenu
ReaTrak Midi Snap color icons toolbar 13.ReaperMenu
ReaTrak Midi Snap color icons toolbar 13 medium.ReaperMenu
ReaTrak Midi Snap color icons toolbar 13 small.ReaperMenu

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