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my take on Stylus RMX and EZDrummer plus a Hypersonic 2 template:

EZ Drummer: 8+1 Tracks (Audio/MIDI)
  • EZDrummer Vintage Rock:
  • EZ Kick
  • EZ Snare
  • EZ HiHat
  • EZ Tom 1
  • EZ Tom 2
  • EZ Overhead
  • EZ Room
  • EZ Comp Room
  • EZ MIDI Arr. (I'm adding MIDI tracks as needed usually)

  • Adjust panning and volume to taste. I have set the EZD Mixer flat/center Pan, to control all levels/Pan from the Reaper mixer

This preset includes a MIDI plugin called Velocity_Control, to adjust the playing with my Synth. I can't find a link anymore to it, I remember this plugin being written quick 'n dirty by someone on kvr in response to a user request. As it is freeware, I'll happily send a copy to anyone wanting it. It was created in Synth Edit plus a variation of it has been made in Synthmaker as a proof of concept.

Stylus RMX: 8+8 (Audio/MIDI)
  • Nothing fancy, each RMX part routed to it's proper output pair. Empty RMX slots of course.

Steinberg Hypersonic 2: 8+8 (Audio/MIDI)
  • Since Hypersonic provides a dynamic Output configuration (you can create as many MONO/STEREO Outs as you need, up to 32 channels), I'm using 8 Stereo Outs here. Also, Hypersonic has it's own MultiFX unit with 4 individual engines, providing thus 4 FX sends per Instrument.
    Accordingly, I have assigned track 5-8 to the FX Outs, making them effectively Aux Returns.
I hope I don't create too much confusion here

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