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I've collected some other relevant posts:

Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
extremely minor (ungrateful user) nitpick - Ftoolbars should be always on top (or have option) i found a nice spot for it on top of my mixer and then poof is dissapears underneath it!

detaching each Ftoolbar tab would also be ace, to have a few in different convenient locations. but is a new thing and will be tweaked for sure.

i made an fxchain 'solo button' and 'show next/previous tracks fx chain' buttons and put them right next to my perma fxchain. very cool. shows why many ask for a solo button on the fxchain window!

Originally Posted by NAS View Post
Custom toolbar is a first step
Hopefully we can move forward from there
Opening toolbars with actions should not show tabs because floating bars already waste space and the main toolbar is still attached to the tcp
But like i say it's a first step

Originally Posted by Mr. Data View Post
These are really awesome!! Thanks very much, guys!!

The next logical step IMHO would be to have the icons in context menus so it's not "tool-less editing" anymore, but "tool-less editing if preferred" (Or am I missing something again?), but I can't find this term anymore anyway.

Originally Posted by musicbynumbers View Post
I like the idea of a "separate" toolbar for the mouse.

Would like to see the ability to choose how many toolbars you want and how many tabs on each.

This way you don't have to have them clogging the menu editor but you could have say 4 toolbars with 4 tabs each if you wanted (which i at least do!)
Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
We still want separately edited tooltips for floating toolbar icons! ALL OF THEM (icons and text icons).

One more option for floating toolbar icons would be GOLDEN: assigning a state to the icon. It can be normal (as it is now), toggle (as, for example, the Metronome icon in the main toolbar - it shows the current state of the action, if it's a toggle action - it should also reflect the state if the keyboard shortcut was pressed), toggle in place group (several icons should be able to be grouped, and in that toggle group only one icon/button would be active at any one time - in contrast to the normal toggle, where all icons/buttons would've been able to be toggled!). This would be GOLDEN, guys, GOLDEN!
Originally Posted by zappsunzorn View Post
Changing the icon works when I use the right click menu, but selecting "add action" always adds an action instead of changing the action associated with the selected icon, as if it was "change action". I do like the fact that adding an action can be used to control the toolbar icon's order of appearance (you can also click and drag awesome!!).

Also the scrolling in the select toolbar icon window moves the icons to the left a little when I scroll down.
Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
FR: would be very useful if position of the Foolbar could be saved and recalled in snapshot form, remembering what tab was selected, size of foolbar etc.

then with a keypress it can pop up in your favourite shape and position with the correct buttons - another keypress and its back on your 2nd monitor in a different form with another set of buttons etc.
Originally Posted by BenK-msx View Post
tabbed floating toolbars?
v.nice work...

edit: they are indeed sweet. one thing (maybe two)

could we possibly have option to NOT show the tabs? seeing as tab select is also actionable. aesthetically that would be nice.

also to be able to resize the toolbar as thin in width as you can in height? e.g in order to create a 'vertical' toolbar of single button width.

its only just been implemented so it will get some further polish of course, but thems my thoughts, beyond it being fab.

ok one more: always on top option would be lush as we say.
Originally Posted by Billoon View Post
Nice work with the toolbar.

Got some suggestions...

Instead of limiting it to 4, why not just have an 'add new tab' option and make the tabs renameable?
Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Awesome additions! Further refinement of added floating toolbar feature:

Each toolbar TAB should be freely (un)dockable (right click on the tab->Undock) - they shouldn't be confined to their own container, we should be able to dock them in the Docker, or below menu bar, wherever.

Icons shouldn't resize automatically when the floating toolbar frame is resized.

Floating toolbar frame should NOT be able to resize to cut off the toolbar tabs! This means that it shouldn't be any smaller than THIS:

Currently you can make it less wider than this and it doesn't look good. Generally if there is a row of icons, it shouldn't get smaller than this width here.

There is still need to separate the main toolbar from the TCP!
Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
Hm... you speak wisely! As I said, a right-click context menu on each toolbar tab with following options:

* Undock the toolbar
* Edit the toolbar
* Rename the toolbar (just for ease)
* Hide the tabs
* Close the Floater ( )
Originally Posted by NAS View Post
I don't think we will get the main toolbar docked under the top menus
So i respectfully request the option of having the new toolbars untabbed when launched by the associated actions

I don't really like floating toolbars because they get in the way but if this is what we have then please get rid of the tabs (Optional) so they take up as little space as possible

As you can see in this video, the way i have it set up here removing the tabs and having size to fit on the border would be very advantageous
Oh and just for an added bonus you can see the next step of the drum macros that now only use one toolbar button instead of two


Originally Posted by Curvespace View Post
A useful action might be "open floating toolbar under mouse". Possibly with the open of a right-click?.. I think it'd satisfy a lot of the folk who want a toolbox.
Originally Posted by gofer View Post
Oh, the tooltip part doesn't seem to work here. Since the pre2 I get the full action name as tooltip.

IMO, the best place for a floating toolbar to appear is at the mouse cursor. Opening a toolbar means I want to click a button most of the time. So that button ideally spawns where I am, instead of me travelling to where that button is. Please make that possible. (EDIT: context sensitive would be killer)

I'm with NAS in that when a toolbar is called via action "Toolbar: open floating toolbar n" the tabs should be not shown. There could be a tiny number, indicating the active tab.
Also these actions could work smarter. They could toggle and if a floating toolbar is already open running an action to open another one could close the old and replace it with the new bar.

Actions to "assign active toolbar button nn to mouse button" would be cool.

And pleasissimo give the MIDI editor some toolbar love too.

Thanks a lot for "Don't scale toolbar buttons above 1:1". That's a relief. Would it be possible to do the same for track icons? I like them small, but whatever I do, they grow to that huge size. I'd do me some 32x20 icons that would never grow nor shrink
Originally Posted by jedstar2000 View Post
I see we have an option to change toolbox text color , would it be possible to have an option for a toolbox font as well please.
Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
BTW schwa - is there ANY way to sort icons? I guess it would be very nice if the icons are sorted alphabetically as they are in the track folder, and F5 on the icon selector screen should refresh the current state of the folder!

EDIT: I figured they ARE sorted alphabetically, but in case there are some toolbar icons in the theme folder, these are handled separately - they need to be renamed as well. This is in ReaFLS theme, which has 24 additional toolbar icons - which got included.
Originally Posted by xackley View Post
1 replace tabs and edit me button with a button.
The button would simply open the next "toolbar" on left click, rotating thru the bars
Right click would have options to select a toolbar, or edit toolbar.
Move the "!" to the right, under the "x". It would have the same menu as the Rightclick on the button mentioned above.

2 Each Toolbar should be left justified, and be sized to fit the buttons of the currently selected toolbar. Shrink and expand the button bar depending on the button count.

3 Three options for organization, vertical, horizontal, free. These options would be in the "!" menu and on rightclick of the special button.

When Free is not selected, get rid of the resize handle.
When vertical is select, move the "!" to the left of the "x' at the top of the button bar.
When in horizontal, display the "!" below the "x" at the end of the button bar.

Edit: another option could be to display tabs, which would look like the current implementation, with the addition of Vertical tabs.
Originally Posted by jonyjazy View Post
Also would be nice to have the tabed toolbars vertical. It can be done now but the icons get too big and the tabs go away.
Originally Posted by Curvespace View Post
What would be really sick, would be Firefox/Chrome style detachable tabs. Eg. you start with say 4 tabs in your floating toolbar. You click and drag one 'off' the toolbar, so it now has its own window. Then you drag another one across to this new window so you now have two toolbars, each with two tabs. You could then take this further so for example, the second floating toolbar opens and closes with the midi editor or better still, can be dragged and dropped 'into' the midi editor, making it a part of that window...
Sorry if I've missed yours

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