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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post

First, let's have two new options on these menus:

I know we can edit the tooltips now via text icons, but that's a bit convoluted: add action, change to text icon, name text icon, THEN choose icon. With this, it could just be: add action, edit tooltip, choose icon. ONE STEP LESS. Also this would enable the user to have a more verbose icon tooltip and a very short text icon at the same time!

After clicking on "Edit context..." we would get this:

"Enable icon arming" makes the icon able to use as a tool only in below ticked contexts. (Well, if there are some contexts that are deticked, this means that the icon will not show in those contexts at all, so anyway...) If "Enable icon arming" is deticked, the buttons will not respond to right-click in ALL contexts!

The rest should be pretty self-explanatory.

I should add that with this modification, 4 toolbars wouldn't be needed really - we could have only one BIG toolbar, with separators and stuff, editable through these context selections, and effectively we can get up to 12 separate and different toolbars for each context!

Remember: One toolbar to rule them all, one button to find them (double right click!), one Reaper to bring them all, and in DAWmination to bind them!

EDIT: addition to functionality of context customizing - the icons that are showed in the preview toolbar should be RIGHTCLICK MARQUEE SELECTABLE, SHIFT- and CTRL-SELECTABLE, and their context sensitivity should be EDITABLE IN BULK MANNER - which means one Context Sensitivity customize window opens, and whatever is edited on there is gonna be set for all selected icons! Of course, visualizing multiple selected buttons should be exactly as it is now - selected button=pressed button ("ON" state).
Vote here: -> context sensitivity -> don't scale icons BELOW 1:1 -> "X" (close) button overlaps with icons BUG!

I'd like to have only ONE floating toolbar, COMPLETELY editable context-wise, and double rightclick shows that toolbar under mouse depending on context. It's the easiest to do.

Also, icons should be LEFT ALIGNED!

DarkStar, your proposition 3) in OP post is void if Cockos implements EDIT TOOLTIP as I suggested in my own quote above!

Drag&Drop from Actions window +100! Also shift- and ctrl-select multiple actions from Actions window +100000!!! (This is also valid request for Menu customizer! Why can't we multiselect actions in these cases?)

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