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Originally Posted by Nandhu Kartha View Post
Hey Airon,

Thank you . MPEG Streamclip seems to be very useful. Which (all) could be the most CPU efficient video format(s) to score music? - preferably less size,fast seeking and at least moderate clarity. Is there anything like that I do score music for films, commercials and the like.
Small size and fast seeking will get you bad clarity. It's the classic principle of "three things you want, but you only get two".

H264 Quicktime files are great for delivery via the net or a USB stick. You then just convert the file for your own use. That's the way I get most of my video files when I edit and mix tv shows.

H264 video will steal a lot of CPU time. That is its most negative aspect, and most of the time the picture departments do not create H264 Quicktime files that are useful in Protools, Reaper or Nuendo. You almost always need to convert them or you'll get a less responsive system that use uses more CPU for video, cutting back on what you can do with audio, which is what you're paid to do.

So, delivery can be done with H264 compressed files. Working with them is a nightmare.
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