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Originally Posted by dadada View Post
Very interesting. Since I am new to ambisonics how would I get reasurround output into the multi encoder?
I guess for 3OA I'd create a 36 channel track with reasurround on it to pan my source and then route that track's 36 channel output into another 36 CH track that has the multiencoder inserted? That channel would be my master out, right?
SPARTA seems to work better at 64 channels.

I use the Binauralizer. Set at whatever channel count is coming from ReaSurround. I arrange the SPARTA outputs in the same configuration as ReaAurround.

I have an audio track with content going straight to RS, 10 tracks = to channels 1-10. From RS it all goes to SPARTA Binauralizer then to master track.
If you need I will try to post a template.

I've found that O3A doesn't really need SPARTA. Seems to work fine with it's own native decoder.
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