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Originally Posted by swingset View Post
They were around in the 90's and 2000's, now kind of semi-retired but had a big hit with Dizz Knee Land. This is the kind of song they did that illustrates how they used harmonies really effectively for a limited amount of vocals by shifting them. Talented guys.

FWIW, the group 7horse is a side project of theirs...they're really cool too, did the song from Wolf of Wall Street (name escapes me), but also a neat band.
Awesome! Yes I remember "Dizz Knee Land" from a while ago on the radio, but their other stuff is excellent! Thanks for putting me onto them - I just listened to "Information Undertow" - that is very much in my wheelhouse!

Originally Posted by swingset View Post
I really love when a song lets you sing harmonies throughout verses too, it's not a trick you can use all the time, but a lot of 60's pop and country utilized that and I always dug it. I did sort of a tribute to that style on a track a few years's a little corny but I love playing stuff like this.
Excellent stuff - I've never tried the "harmonies all the way through the verses", but that's a cool sound!
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