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Originally Posted by dvbssman View Post
Here is the problem with the download for those of you with 64 bit OS. Their installer installs the play_vst_64.dll under C:\program files\common files\East West\vstPlugins. For Reaper 64 to find it you just need to go to Reaper "Preferences" "Plug-ins" "VST" and then "Add" that as another directory it searches for plugins. The East-West installer put the 32 bit dll in the normal place (C:\Program files (x86)\vstPlugins so that was no problem for Reaper 32 bit to find.
That's what I'm saying. I told the installer to put both the 32 and 64 bit in the same folder as all my other vst's. I see them when i open the folder. But reaper doesn't see them when I rescan directory.

Edit: the 32bit vst crashes ableton 7 and the 64bit won't be recognized

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