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Hi, I've got the Free edition running perfectly in Reaper x64 V3.2 here on Windows 7 64bit.
Had a bit of trouble but here's what i did for the installation that works.

1. If you have any Pace Interlok drivers installed for any other plug-ins, such as the Bluetubes Analog Trackbox from Nomad Factory, uninstall them. (Even if you downloaded the latest 64bit drivers from the Pace website, these don't seem to be compatible with Play, and were causing the 'there is a program missing that this installer needs to run' or similar message.)

2. Uninstall Play completely if you have any part of the program installed.

3. Go to the soundsonline website and download the latest W7 installer update.

4. Run the Interlok Tpkd update, and then the main Pacex64 installer, then run the Play update itself.
5. Run the 64bit installer you originally downloaded after taking the survey. Don't let it install the older Pace divers (click 'No' when it asks if you're sure you want to install over the newer version).
Also, create Vst folders for the .dll on the root directory of the C: drive, not in your Reaper Vst folder.
You should then get a clean install.

6. Run the update installer AGAIN. (Not the pace drivers, just the Play update). Make sure the Pace drivers you installed stay installed.

Then install Part 2, and then install Part 3.

(I ran the update installer once more after this as it says this will update the instrument library as well but not completely sure this is necessary - didn't hurt though).

That's it.
Double check that all the actual samples in the folders of Parts 2 and 3 have been migrated to the Play libray folder, if not (Part 3 didn't get transferred for me), then just drag and drop manually.
Open the stand-alone, direct it to the library folder, and you have your instruments.
Open Reaper and add the Vst folder on the C: drive as a Vst folder locaton, rescan.
Now you're good to go.

Hope that very convoluted explanation helps someone!

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