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Happy to see get/set track Layout functions (I ran out of action slots in the layout window long ago), but alas I think I found an issue with BR_SetMediaTrackLayouts. It doesn't seem to update the mixer correctly. For example try:

- set a track to mixer layout "small" (v5 default theme)
- with Mixer in view, use BR_SetMediaTrackLayouts to set the track to default (I tried eel and lua, but not Python yet)
- Look at the mixer

The track's buttons will change position correctly, but the track's width doesn't change to the default width. Buttons are cut of at the right border, as they don't fit in.

Close/reopen Mixer fixes.

Plus a question, I feel dumb as a broomstick:
I can't for the live of me figure out how to get MCP and TCP layout using eel. Try as I might, my variables always seem to be filled with the track pointer. Could someone give me an example?
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