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Originally Posted by X-Raym View Post

So, a MIDI Editor version of all these BR_grid would be perfect !
Sorry, I don't have that one solved. But I think you should be able to do it using the native API

Originally Posted by gofer View Post
but alas I think I found an issue with BR_SetMediaTrackLayouts. It doesn't seem to update the mixer correctly. For example try:
Yes, I noticed this too :/ REAPER simply doesn't resize the MCP window when setting layout through chunk - I tried everything I could to make REAPER redraw it using it's API, but nothing worked.
Since I can't really know layout size (because that would mean that for every API call, you would have to find the theme, probably unzip it, parse rtconfig.txt's just too expensive for such a simple API call and I lack the time to actually do it) nothing to do here really...

Since I presume your MCP layouts mostly share their sizes, you could use the action to set some other layout that has the same size via that action, and then change the layout to what you need using SWS API

Originally Posted by gofer View Post
I can't for the live of me figure out how to get MCP and TCP layout using eel. Try as I might, my variables always seem to be filled with the track pointer. Could someone give me an example?
I you set both MCP and TCP layout to some non-default layout, this should print it to the console:
extension_api("BR_GetMediaTrackLayouts", GetSelectedTrack(0, 0), #mcpLayout, #tcpLayout);
Originally Posted by FnA View Post
Hey, if it's not too hard could you do one to get MIDI pool ID? I will finish transpose script in heda's thread. Some time? Some how? Maybe?
Isn't that the line POOLCOLOR in item chunk? It really shouldn't be hard to get it (but I'm not really sure if that number represents pool id or it also has other stuff packed in it (Cockos is known to pack multiple things in one number using its bits))
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