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Sweet jebus this looks good. Thanks for innovating with ReaScript once again. Seriously, donate to this guy.

I'm not sure if this falls in to the category of feature requests, but I'd find it very useful to have an inspector/meter for the master track as well, for equal loudness monitoring purposes. Right now I've tuned my playback volume to around 70dB SPL @ -23 LUFS, and I'm running the master in RMS mode set so the clipping indicator level averages at around that -23 LUFS point. It'd be ideal to have true LUFS metering in the master though, and using a separate plugin like dpMeter isn't convenient as the interface isn't dockable (it has to be always visible). This is something that could be achieved with ReaScript I believe. Ok I'll shut up now

PS. VST3 compressors can report GR amount IIRC? Can ReaScript parse this information by any chance?
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