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@mehmethan: Thank you. I wrote you an email too.
  1. Premetering. Yes. I can add premetering option. Also requested by musicbynumbers.
  2. VU meter.. ok annotating it for the future just in case...
  3. See more than one track. It's very interesting yes, like a real MCP replacement for some selected tracks. Like Loudness Graph but with more track details and without the graph. Could be possible after I finish the selected track only version first.
  4. Cannot read the ReaComp values like I can in a JSFX like General Dynamics. But I really like General Dynamics.

@Sju: Right now it doesn't work if I select the master track. But it could be interesting to have another copy designed for the master track. So we could have both the selected one and the master track in another window always visible. I'll think about it.

Plugins normally don't report values that can be read by ReaScript. dpMeter does, because TBProAudio is very good. All JSFX can also be read from Reascript. Thanks!
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